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  2/13/2000:  The pictures are up!!!!! 19 CRAZY NEW Photo Albums are up!!!!!  
  10/28/99: Still working on learning Dreamweaver, to take a peak at the new site go to  Should have some Homecoming pictures and BC vs. Miami pictures up by the end of the week...Still busy with job interviews and applications!  
  10/10/99:  I have decided to change my development platform for the site.  FrontPage continues to annoy me  so I am moving over to Macromedia Dreamweaver.  Look for a site redesign in the coming months--the learning curve for Dreamweaver is pretty steep!  
  9/9/99: Ok guy's I think I am am going to take down the Java script for the moment as there is a bug somewhere but I just have not figured out where yet.   Stay tuned :)  
  8/20/99:  Having some problems with the java script here on the main page.  I am trying to fix it ASAP.  In the mean time I have just put up a bunch of new photo's of me and my roommates  
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