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  January 22th, 2001 11.30pm  
  Well I have been working on the site like crazy lately. I have processed almost 3,000 pictures for the site. All the pictures everybody has been banging down my door to put up (senior week, bc hockey, europe etc.) are all almost finished. I have just a few more to work on. Not long now until I send out the "official" re-launch notice.

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  January 17th, 2001 6.30pm  
  Hi Everybody, Is any body still here? I just took a look at the last time the old site was updated: Febuary 19th!! Yikes I broke one of the cardinal sins of web development..."Keep it current!" I promise I won't let this happen again. Anyway....on to the new design. What do you think? Send me an e-mail and let me know. Most of the design is now done...time for some content. If anybody would like to see something specific let me know.

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